Habitat has been in the Berks Community for 30 years! How are we celebrating? We are taking on our largest project yet. With 5 brand new duplexes and 3 renovated homes-The Buttonwood-Gateway Project will bring a lot of opportunity to our community.
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Habitat’s Second Cluster Build

When property is available, renovation and rehabilitation provides an opportunity to dramatically transform a block or neighborhood while also providing a high-quality home to a family in need of affordable housing. We cluster our new builds within focus neighborhoods to maximize impacts and, in recent years, have built primarily attached row homes that fit within the architectural history of their surroundings. Our first cluster build project at Fourth and Elm Street was a huge success and we were able to provide newly renovated homes to three hardworking families.

          Our current cluster build on Tulpehocken Street follows the same concept of newly renovated homes that protect the architectural integrity of its surrounding. These three houses are set to be completed by the end of the summer. Two families are currently participating in our program are working towards owning these homes by completing 300 hours of sweat equity with 75 hours of economic literacy education.


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